Mineral Exploration

The Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Biogeochemical Exploration at the Yellowknife City Gold Project, NWT, CA

Presenter: Zohreh Ghorbani

The Yellowknife City Gold (YCG) Property located in the Northwest Territories, occurs within the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, which contains significant gold deposits.

Diamonds and Gold in Mesoarchean Pebble Conglomerates from the Northern Slave Craton and Their Implications for Craton Evolution

Presenter: Suzette Timmerman

When, and to what extent, Earth’s cratons became underpinned by thick lithospheric mantle roots capable of hosting diamonds is one of the most controversial aspects of Archean geology and geodynamics.

Surficial Geology, Glacial History and Bedrock Investigation in the Dessert Lake Drumlin Field, Northwest Territories

Presenter: Philippe Normandeau

Surficial geology mapping and glacial history reconstruction are essential to drift prospecting, and also support infrastructure development

The Effect of Deglacial Meltwater Processes on Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Concentrations in Glacial Sediments

Presenter: Patrick DesRosiers

The purpose of this project is to quantify the effects of deglacial meltwater on kimberlite indicator mineral concentrations in meltwater corridor sediments.

Nunavut 2020 Exploration and Mining Overview – Navigating a New Normal

Presenter: Matthew Senkow

2020 has been a challenging year for exploration and mining proponents in Nunavut. A modest decrease in exploration spending was forecast.

Orphaned Indicator Mineral Dispersals; Solving Old Problems with a New Perspective

Presenter: Bob Janzen

The number of kimberlite discoveries in the Slave Geological Province has decreased over the last decade.

NWT Mineral Exploration and Mining Overview

Presenter: Barrett Elliott

Despite the challenges associated with working during a global pandemic, mining and mineral exploration continued in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

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