Controls on Tungsten Fertility at Cantung: Does Tungsten Mineralization Require a Specific Melt Protolith and/or Mantle Input?

Presenter: Vanessa Elongo

The Tombstone-Tungsten Belt (TTB) in the Canadian Cordillera is host to large tungsten deposits. The Cantung skarn deposit is one of the highest grade tungsten deposits in the TTB and is hosted in carbonate units surrounded by argillites.

Kinematics and Timing of Shear Zones in the Nonacho Lake Area: Preliminary Results

Presenter: Rebecca Canam

The Nonacho Lake area located along the western margin of the Rae craton in the southeastern Northwest Territories consists of the ca. 1.91-1.82 Ga siliciclastic Nonacho Group interpreted to have been deposited

Continuing Collaborative Geoscience Research in Northern Canada

Presenter: Michel Plouffe

GEM-GeoNorth is the next version of the Geo-Mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM). The new program will continue to enhance geological understanding of Canada’s North, focusing on areas with high potential for critical minerals and other mined commodities.

Paragenesis and Ore-Forming Fluids at Pine Point

Presenter: Matthew Steele-MacInnis

Pine Point is a major carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposit, but key questions remain regarding its formation.

Indicators of Gold Mineralization in the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt: A Lithogeochemistry and Mineralogy Study

Presenter: Laurén Langlois

In this study we aim to identify elements that can act as geochemical indicators within the Yellowknife greenstone belt that allow the discrimination of mineralized structures.

Characterizing Uranium Mineralization in the Nonacho Basin, NWT

Presenter: Kerstin Landry

Two styles of U mineralization are associated with the Nonacho Basin: early U of the Hope Occurrence (northern basin) is disseminated in quartz-biotite-albite basement breccia, whereas later vein-hosted

Cu Isotopes in the Canadian Sub-Cratonic Lithospheric Mantle – a First Look

Presenter: Janina Czas

Copper isotope ratios are an important tool in tracing the sources and pathways of base metal forming fluids in the crust.

Nonacho Bedrock Mapping Project: Overview of the 2019-2020 Thematic Research in Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Provenance Analysis

Presenter: Jade H. Lockie

The Paleoproterozoic Nonacho Basin remains an enigmatic sedimentary unit in the south-western portion of the Rae craton

High-Resolution Mapping of Glacial Landscapes in Central Mainland Nunavut Using ArcticDEM Data and Landsat 8 Imagery

Presenter: Isabelle McMartin

A new glacial geomorphology map covers 415 000 km2 in a core region of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in Nunavut.

An Examination of the Geomorphology and Sediment Texture of the Exeter Lake Esker

Presenter: Grayson Bilak

The Exeter Lake Esker (ELE) extends across the Northwest Territories from Dubawnt Lake to Exmouth Lake and, sampling led to the discovery of the Lac de Gras kimberlite field.

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