Permafrost Science

Ground Ice Map of Canada

Presenter: Brendan O’Neill

We present new national-scale mapping of ground ice conditions in Canada, a product of Natural Resource Canada’s Climate Change Geoscience Program.

Infrastructure Implications from Intensified Permafrost Thaw-Driven Mass Wasting

Presenter: Ashley Rudy

The Dempster Highway connects the communities of the Beaufort Delta region, Northwest Territories (NWT) to southern Canada.

Estimation of Maximum Lake Depth from the Surrounding Topography; towards a Regional Assessment of the Occurrence of Taliks below Arctic Lakes

Presenter: Anne-Marie LeBlanc

Open taliks, areas of unfrozen ground, are mainly found beneath large and deep lakes that do not freeze to their bottom.

Modeling Contaminant and Nutrient Transport in Permafrost-Affected Groundwater Systems

Presenter: Aaron Mohammed

Understanding the impacts of permafrost freeze-thaw dynamics on groundwater flow and solute transport is imperative to quantify terrestrial feedbacks to climate change

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