Regulatory Updates

Office of the Regulator of Oil and Gas Operations (OROGO) Regulatory Update

Presenter: Pauline de Jong

OROGO holds regulatory responsibility for oil and gas operations in the onshore Northwest Territories outside of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region and federal areas.

Northwest Territories Mining Incentive Program: What It Is, How It Works, and How to Apply as an Individual

Presenter: Landen Powell

The Northwest Territories (NWT) Mining Incentive Program (MIP) provides funding to prospectors and mineral exploration companies to carry out mineral exploration projects in the NWT.

The Growing Importance of TK and IQ in Environmental Approvals for Mining Projects in the North

Presenter: Joanna Vince & Raeya Jackiw

Northern land claims and legislation require traditional knowledge

The NWT Royalty Regime: An Introduction and Evaluation of Its Competitiveness

Presenter: Hendrik Falck

The transfer of responsibility for the management of land and resources to the GNWT in 2014 included the administration of the NWT royalty regime.

Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plans: What Do Developers Need to Know?

Presenter: Andrea Patenaude

A Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plan, or WMMP, is an important tool for the protection and conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat.

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