Energy Geoscience

The Devonian Black Shales of Mackenzie Valley are a Valuable Repository of Information on Greenhouse-Epoch Ocean, Not Only the Shale Hydrocarbon Prospect

Presenter: Dr. Pavel Kabanov

The Phanerozoic sedimentary archives of the greenhouse condition of our planet provide valuable information on the warmer atmosphere-ocean systems unexperienced by Homo sapiens, but considered a potential for near future if the drawdown of GHG (green house gases) will fail to follow optimistic projections.

Porosity Characterization, Evolution, and Controls in the Devonian Horn River Group, Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories

Presenter: Maya LaGrange

Despite being a valuable step in the evaluation of resource potential in prospective unconventional reservoirs, porosity in the mudstone intervals of the Horn River Group of the Central Mackenzie Valley has not yet been studied in detail.

2020-21 Activity Update – Energy Geosciences Group

Presenter: Viktor Terlaky

The Energy Geosciences group advanced work on five projects during FY 2019-20 and early FY 2020-21.

Shale Basin Analysis Project: Creating and Using Simulations to Explore the Geologic Past and Present of the Central Mackenzie Valley, NWT

Presenter: Jonathan Rocheleau

The Central Mackenzie Valley of NWT is one of the most prospective for areas for hydrocarbon resources in the territory.

Geothermal Potential of Closed Underground Mines: Con Mine Study, Northwest Territories, Canada

Presenter: Dan Ngoyo Mandemvo

Since its closure, the abandoned and flooded Con Mine has been considered as a geothermal resource.

Thermal Evolution of the Phanerozoic Sediments of the Southwestern Northwest Territories

Presenter: Eva Enkelmann

The Northwest Territories Geological Survey started a new project in collaboration with the University of Calgary.

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