Shale Basin Analysis Project: Creating and Using Simulations to Explore the Geologic Past and Present of the Central Mackenzie Valley, NWT



Jonathan Rocheleau –




J. Rocheleau – Northwest Territories Geological Survey, Yellowknife, NT, Canada



The Central Mackenzie Valley of NWT is one of the most prospective for areas for hydrocarbon resources in the territory. As a result of years of research conducted by the Northwest Territories Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Canada, and industry, there are sufficient data available to create a regional simulation and modelling of hydrocarbon plays in the Devonian shale basin. In the past year, well data were shortlisted for model input based on suitability criteria, including location, formations present, and availability of a lithological report. Well data were formatted into point models on a regional map. The models rely on a series of assumptions, including estimates of missing section, timing of deposition and erosion events, unconformities, and regional heat flow. Point models are currently being calibrated to existing maturity data, which can provide snapshots of thermal and burial histories. These will be the foundation of the final 3-D regional model. Future work includes: incorporation of select outcrop data to help delineate the limits of formations of interest, and conceptual models of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion.

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