2020-21 Activity Update – Energy Geosciences Group



Viktor Terlaky – viktor_terlaky@gov.nt.ca




V.Terlaky – Northwest Territories Geological Survey, Yellowknife, NT, Canada




The Energy Geosciences group advanced work on five projects during FY 2019-20 and early FY 2020-21. These projects include (1) Shale Basin Evolution in Central Northwest Territories (NWT), (2) Liard Geothermal, (3) Phanerozoic Thermal Evolution of the Southern NWT, (4) Yellowknife Con Mine Geothermal, and (5) Arctic Offshore Resource Assessment. Three of these projects support collaboration agreements with researchers and their students at the University of Alberta (1), University of Calgary (3), and Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (4). Project (1) saw two M.Sc. graduates in 2020, and a continued Ph.D. project. Project (2) and (3) work in synergy to characterize the geothermal energy potential of the Fort Liard area by analyzing the potential reservoir formation (2) and assessing the thermal history and exhumation of the basin (3). Project (4) aims to re-evaluate the potential of the Con Mine as a geothermal energy source for the city of Yellowknife. The NTGS Energy Geosciences group is working on basin modelling and final wrap-up publications for project (1), as well as providing on-going support for our collaborators. Lastly, our Energy Geosciences group Manager Kathryn Fiess retired in October of 2020 – we wish her all the best in her retirement!

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