Resiliency Assessments of Adfreeze Pile Foundations Supporting Government of the Northwest Territories’ Buildings



T.E. Hoeve – HoevEng Consulting Ltd., Yellowknife, NT, Canada



An office-based assessment of the anticipated future integrity of adfreeze steel pipe pile foundations of selected Government of the Northwest Territories buildings was conducted. Considering the information available, eight buildings were assessed, six in Inuvik, one in Tsiigehtchic and one in Tuktoyaktuk. The available information was interpreted to determine the anticipated foundation capacity out to the desired service life of the building, considering the potential implications of climate change (warming) on ground temperature. Of the six buildings in Inuvik that were assessed, five are expected to reach a service life of about 50 years. The notable exception is the Western Arctic Research Centre, which is projected to reach its serviceability limit after about 20 years. The assessed buildings in Tsiigehtchic and Tuktoyaktuk are also expected to reach a 50-year service life. Since five of six of the assessed buildings expected to reach a service life of about 50 years, there is considered to be generally some resiliency in the adfreeze pile foundations in Inuvik. From that we can infer that the buildings in communities with colder permafrost should also be generally resilient. But buildings in communities with expected warmer permafrost, such as Aklavik, may not be resilient.

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